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Mayor Paul Antonio

Mayor Paul Antonio

Toowoomba Region Mayor Cr Paul Antonio is urging residents to take precautions over the coming days amid predictions of a heatwave. Toowoomba has already sweltered through one extreme day with the official temperature hitting 38.3 degrees last Sunday and Cr Antonio encouraged residents to be extra vigilant and keen an eye on neighbours, the elderly, small children and family pets.

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting heatwave conditions on Friday and Saturday, January 3rd and 4th,  with the expectations of the hottest January day in more than a decade (the mercury hit 37.7 degrees on January 27, 2001.

“Heatwaves are sometimes referred to as the silent killer, with research showing that excessive heat causes more deaths than other hazards like bushfires, cyclones and floods combined,” Cr Antonio said. “A new University of Adelaide report suggests older migrants and new arrivals from other countries are at risk because they do not know the local conditions or may not speak English well enough to understand the warnings,” he said.

“We as Queenslanders are always looking after our mates, but Toowoomba has a diverse community and many new residents or those visiting families over the holidays may not be aware of how to cope with heatwave conditions.”

Cr Antonio said a few tips to observe during extended hot conditions were:
Drink water regularly
Naturally cool your home, close windows and blinds in the day
Talk to your health service if you have health issue
Check on people who may struggle in the heat
Help people who are feeling unwell
Never leave babies, young children or pets alone in your car
Avoid going out during the hottest parts of the day
Seek medical advice if you have a chronic medical condition
Avoid drinks with caffeine, alcohol or large amounts of sugar.

Cr Antonio said exposure to extreme heat can cause heat exhaustion and heat stroke and sometimes death. He also encouraged those who encounter a life threatening situation to call Triple Zero (000) straight away.

Submitted by:
Chris Leslight
Communications officer
Stakeholder Engagement and Communication
Toowoomba Regional Council

 Posted on : January 2, 2014
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