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QFES Reminder And Thanks

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) is urging residents and travellers in south-east Queensland to remain vigilant following heavy rainfall across the region.

While the worst of the weather has passed for most of the south-east, QFES Deputy Commissioner Mark Roche said people should be wary of damaged and flooded  roads .

Mr Roche said motorists should check the status of roads before heading out and steer clear of floodwater. “Yesterday’s weather event has left behind a lot of debris and roads cut off by water,” Mr Roche said.

“Emergency services are responding to calls for assistance, but residents and travellers still need to take precautions to stay safe.

“Now is not the time to be venturing outdoors unnecessarily and we are urging people to keep away from flooded creeks and drains and have alternative routes in mind.  “Parents and caregivers still need to supervise children to ensure they stay away from drains. Water is still receding, so the danger is still there.”

Mr Roche said the State Emergency Service (SES) had responded to almost 1,000 calls for assistance and swiftwater rescue teams had been deployed to a small number of incidents across the Brisbane area.  “Most of the tasks emergency services attended were not quick jobs, so I would like to thank people for their patience,” he said.

“Please remember the SES is made up of volunteers dedicated to helping others and we’re working hard to get to the most vulnerable members of the community first. “I would like to thank all Queenslanders who heeded the warnings and those motorists who avoided travel through floodwaters. Remember: if it’s Flooded, Forget it.”

Residents who require storm and flood emergency assistance should contact the State Emergency Service (SES) on 132 500. In a life-threatening emergency, dial Triple Zero.

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