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Crow’s Nest Community Nursery Open Day

This Saturday (1st February) the Crow’s Nest Community Nursery will be open for all residents wishing to buy native plants.

Run by a group of volunteers, Toowoomba Regional Council Environment and Community Portfolio Leader Joe Ramia says the nursery has more than 200 species available for members of the public.

The Crow’s Nest Community Nursery specialises in the native plants of the Toowoomba Region
“The volunteers are a cohesive group and a bring a great social atmosphere to the nursery with the group sourcing seeds from indigenous trees and shrubs that grow locally,” Cr Ramia said.

“The species are all of local provenance and they are grown from local seeds and as such,  are much more likely to be adapted to our local climatic conditions than plants grown from seeds sourced elsewhere.”

The Crow”s Nest Community Nursery will be open this Saturday, 1st February from 8am to 2pm and is located at the end of Depot Road (off Timber Road) in the Crow’s Nest Industrial Estate – Native tubes $2 each, 90mm tubes $4 each.

For more information contact the Nursery on 4698 2990.

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