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Darling Downs residents will have the opportunity of seeing and hearing about a wide range of electric vehicles and e-bikes in one place. The Toowoomba Branch of Renew will hold an Electric Vehicle and E-bike Expo at Cobb+Co Museum on Sunday 29th of August, commencing at 9.30am.

A wide variety of electric vehicles will be showcased – from the top of the range Mercedes and Teslas, to the more affordable MGs and Hyundais. For people interested in e-bikes there will be a range of models on display and perhaps even the opportunity of trying one out.

In addition to the displays, there is a full program of speakers. The topics range from the basics of owning an EV – driving and charging  to autonomous driving and what happens to old EV batteries.
The convenor of Renew Toowoomba, Mark Tranter, said “There are more and more people interested in purchasing an electric vehicle, and I am frequently asked about my own electric vehicle as well as being asked by community groups to talk about electric vehicles” The common questions people ask about electric vehicles are: “What range do you get?” and “How long does it take to charge?”

The Electric Vehicle Expo will provide an opportunity for the public to get answers to those and many other questions from people who have been owning and driving electric vehicles for a number of years.

Toowoomba Regional Council is supporting Renew’s Electric Vehicle Expo at the Cobb+Co Museum on Sunday 29th of August commencing at 9.30am.

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