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Letter To The Editor: Anzac Day

World War II – Papua-New Guinea

The enduring ANZAC legacy and the ideal of mateship are more important than ever before. Mateship is an integral part of the Australian identity. It’s an ideal that defines our nation’s character – this idea of looking out for each other, through the good times and the bad.

World War II – Papua-New Guinea

The Salvos have served alongside Australian troops in both World Wars and has supported them on deployments in Korea and Vietnam. Today, we are present in military bases across the country.

We’ve been there providing support to our troops in their times of need – giving them a hand up and a listening ear in their darkest times. We recognise the power of mateship and why it’s a vital part of the Australian spirit.


Whether a simple act of kindness or helping someone rebuild after tragedy – mateship is the common thread that unites us and something that will always endure.

As we enter these uncertain times, I encourage all Australians to reflect on the ANZAC spirit and the strength and hope it brings, and remember why mateship is an ideal still worth fighting for.

Submitted by:
Lt Colonel Kelvin Pethybridge
Chief Secretary in Charge
The Salvation Army

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