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Remote Learning Ready To Launch At Glennie

The Glennie School is now prepared to launch its comprehensive remote learning program (I Love Glennie Schooling) when the campus closes on Friday (27th March).

Teachers have long been prepared for the possible need to extend their current face-to-face teaching practices into a remote learning situation.

Mr Peter Crawley

Mr Peter Crawley, the Glennie School Principal, said that teachers had prepared a suite of teaching and learning materials to provide a genuine schooling experience for girls across all year levels. “We are well placed to deliver content that continues direct teaching and that will be complemented with practical and hands on activities that the girls will be able to engage with at any time.”

“By working in a remote capacity and not trying to live stream classes, we have taken into account internet network capacities, changed home environments in case parents are working from home alongside the girls learning at home, and the geographical spread of our boarders.”

Teachers will also be able to host online discussions, provide remote feedback and monitor student interaction with the learning materials provided to them.

“Through Glennie’s regular use of Google Classroom for messages and discussions, the girls are very calm and confident about extending this practice into a remote environment,” he said.

Mr Crawley went on to say that pastoral care remained a priority for teachers, “The wellbeing of our students remains at the heart of all that we do at Glennie and regular well-being check-ins will be implemented as we move into a fully remote environment.”

The Glennie School is also able to assist other schools and students by making remote learning materials available.

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Mrs Tammy Wilson
Marketing and Community Engagement Manager


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