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The Space Pilots Club In Launch Mode

Historic photo from the 90’s showing an historic rocket made of plastic cups …quite simple yet ingenious

Did you know that the Rangeville Space Pilots Club is holding it’s first Model Rocket launch for 2018?

It’s at the Toowoomba Amateur Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft Club ( TARMAC) field on the new England Highway 10km south of KMart (Ruthven Street) this Saturday 10th March commencing 1:30pm.

To get to the launch site, go through Hodgsonvale and then just 4km further, look for the windsock on your right (just past The Mill – The Outlook on your left) … then drive in and park. There are toilet facilities on site and even refreshments on sale. The afternoon is free … absolutely free!

Coordinates for the field are 27degrees 40’29” South …. 151degrees 54’46” East

The boys (and sometimes their sisters too) of this long-running (52-years) Inter-denominational Club that meets at the Rangeville Community Church,  have lovingly crafted their model space-rockets, sometimes over a whole term, and the designs are very individual indeed.

Want your kids (or grandkids) off their screens for an hour or two? well, here’s your answer. Besides, it’s fun as you count down with the ” 5…4…3…2…1 Ignition ! ” ….. then the rocket blasts off in a cloud of smoke. Bring a folding chair or two though, or a blanket.

Launches are also held in May…August… and November

Come along….enjoy this free, engaging display.

Submitted by:
Barry Whisson
Field Officer SPC

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