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Toowoomba For Climate Action Petition Handover 


Dear Toowoomba Councillors, Political Representatives and Media Organisations,

Toowoomba Regional Council will next week have to respond to a petition from a local grassroots organisation that’s calling for the creation of a Climate Change Advisory Committee.

Toowoomba for Climate Action (T4CA) has collected more than 1,000 signatures from the community, and will deliver the petition to Councillor Geoff McDonald on Monday morning, Monday 16th September at 8.30am in front of City Hall

Spokesperson Linda Harper said “we have collected signatures from people of all ages and walks of life who supportforming a committee to build on the work council is already doing to move to a clean energy future and respond to increasingly unstable weather patterns.”

Ms Harper said support for renewable energy, as well as the current drought, above average temperatures, fire risk and water shortages were key reasons people thought the formation of the committee was necessary.

“TRC’s 2019 Planning Scheme Review states that due to climate change our region can expect “higher temperatures, hotter and more frequent hot days, harsher fire weather, more intense downpours and less annual rainfall.” A Climate Change Advisory Committee would be a positive next step from identifying the problem to implementing budgeted council wide responses that suit our local community.”

“In addition, the United Nations Development program estimates more than 70% of emissions reduction measures and up to 90% of climate change adaptation measures are undertaken by local governments. This demonstrates how important TRC will be in preparing our region for the changes ahead as well as doing our part in the global effort to reduce emissions.”

The delivery of the petition comes in the same week as hundreds are expected to gather in front of Toowoomba City Hall to participate in the Global Climate Strike march. On Friday September 20th, people all around the world will strike to demand urgent action from governments at all levels on the current climate crisis. Toowoomba for Climate Action is supporting students from six local schools with the planning of this all ages event.

More details on the Global Climate Strike event:

Fri 20 Sept – Toowoomba Global Climate Strike March

Where & When: Meet at 1.45pm at Toowoomba City Hall, cnr Ruthven and Herries St for a march.
What: All ages needed and welcome. To everyone who cares about a safe climate future, this is your invitation to join the Global#ClimateStrike on September 20 – with people around the world standing up to confront the climate crisis when our politicians won’t.

Organised by local Toowoomba school students who want to see our leaders step up for our future.

Submitted by:
Linda Harper


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