Braxton Rayner and Kirsten Kay

Dalby Sportsman’s Evening Fundraiser

From Peter Rookas,
Toowoomba Hospital Foundation


Little Braxton Rayner is having the ‘fight of his life’ and a couple of Rugby League mates of mine, Chris Walker & Kev Campion, are ‘digging in to help’ with a Sportsman’s Night in Dalby.
Sportsman's Evening Dalby
As many of you will know, Braxton is just 2 ½ years old and was diagnosed with a brain tumour in October 2013.  Since this time, he and his parents have been travelling from Dalby to Brisbane, and now Sydney to visit to leading specialist, Dr Teo.  Not only has this been very mentally draining on Braxton and his family, but it is also very financially draining. Currently raffles are being run and chocolates sold to help financially support the family but the money raised in this regard is very limited.

Dalby and surrounding community is a very tight knit community and a Sportsman’s Dinner at the Criterion Hotel in Dalby on 29 November 2014, which will raise more significant funds for the family. As stated, former Bronco & Queensland players, Kevin Campion and Chris Walker will be in attendance. Tickets are just $50 with complimentary XXXX and wine from 7 to 11,  as well as a live band & sporting memorabilia will be auctioned with all monies raised going to the family.

Would you please help by sharing this information with the community to help raise money for Braxton’s cause? Any support provided would be greatly appreciated & help assist Braxton & his family in this tremendous battle for life.

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