A J MuRiel & MaVis Are Rockin’ Oz 4 A Cure

Muriel & MavisA J MuRiel & MaVis , is a talented and accomplished performing duo with an energetic passion to get out there and do something to help raise awareness and funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

A J MuRiel, the singer, song writer, musician and MaVis a born show off, have been taking on Australia since July 2012 to raise much needed funds for Breast Cancer Research and to convey a simple yet powerful message to as many women and men off all ages as possible – and that message is to “Know Your Bodies, Check Your Boobies, Early Detection Wins” highlighting the importance of regular self-check examinations.

This charismatic and attention seeking pair, drive a hot pink BooBie Bus as self-proclaimed Sex Symbols from North Arm Nursing Home for The Blind, (this does not mean they are nurses at all.. they’re not).  A J MuRiel & MaVis on introduction, seem like innocent looking “butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths” kinda girls, which they are, until they disappear behind their shimmering pink stage curtains where the transformation begins .

Emerging as Awsome Jugs (A J) MuRiel and Warm and Sexy MaVis donned in their ten gallon hats and plummeting cleavages they are ready to present “Busted Out” a show captivating audiences with 2 hours of good old fashion entertainment full of fun, laughter, music and plenty of tongue in cheek humour.

The girls play everything from country to rock to mainstream plus a few of A J MuRiel’s original works.

These girls are driven to continue their travels and to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research by the stories they hear on a daily basis of women, men and children who live with and have won and lost the battle with cancers of all sorts and they believe that although Breast Cancer is a primary focus, it is research that can filter through to many discoveries. That discovery will help someone and hopefully lots of some ones.

“Breast Cancer is no longer a disease that affects only women 50 years and over, women and men of all ages are affected by the disease. In our travels the youngest woman we have met diagnosed with breast cancer was 18 years old, the oldest woman diagnosed with breast cancer was 86 years old. We have met men diagnosed with breast cancer. Men do get breast cancer. Breast cancer/cancer does not discriminate” said A J MuRiel.

When the NBCF was founded, 30% of women diagnosed with breast cancer lost their battle with the disease in less than 20 years. This figure has halved. NBCF CEO Carole Renouf believes this achievement is primarily due to research – the most effective way to improve the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer.

“Although progress is being made, there is still a long way to go. A continued and concerted research effort is vital for improving the quality of life for those living with breast cancer, as well as moving towards breast cancer prevention and cure.

The contribution from activities such as A.J. MuRieL & Mavis Rockin Oz 4 A Cure will help bring NBCF closer to their aspirational goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

A.J. MuRieL & Mavis Rockin Oz 4 A Cure will be appearing at Highfields Tavern,   Highfields, Qld on  Friday, 5th February 2016 from  8:00pm



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