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Amateur Photographers Shine

Now in its second year, The Glennie School Boarder Photography Competition delivers yet
another display of stunning images with the theme ‘Action’.

Boarders returned home in the Easter holidays to gain inspiration and capture the action on their properties. Over 140 entries were received, and judges Mrs Kim Cohen (Glennie Principal), Mr Jim
Cohen, Bev Lacy (The Chronicle) and Emma Moss (GOG 2015) took great delight in reviewing the images.

First prize was awarded to Georgia Ditchfield from Coonamble for a photograph of a dust storm engulfing her family property. Georgia said, “while the dust storm was captivating, there was a lot of action cleaning after the storm passed.”

Amy Webster from Goondiwindi was awarded the second prize for a photograph showcasing the elements at her family property. Amy said, “this shot was taken when mustering cattle, I was inspired by the dry air, dust and sunset combination.”

Third prize went to Jennifer Sheehan, a boarder from Quilpie who photographed sheep walking back to the yards along a rustic timber fence line.

Winners received a gift voucher, and their photograph will be printed onto large canvases to be hung in the boarding houses for all to enjoy. “What I enjoyed most was seeing the variety of images, the different angles chosen, making it obvious everyone was looking for more than just a snapshot,” said Bev Lacey, photographer at The Chronicle.

Submitted by:
Tracey Kessels,
The Glennie School,

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