Coal Mine Action Group Community Information Evening April 8th

This evening is  organised by the Toowoomba Coal Mine Action Group to up-date residents about the status of mining exploration across outer suburbs of Toowoomba and to share information regarding our group’s progress since our original community meeting. Speakers will share information regarding the  group’s plans for future action.

Speakers approached to address the group include: politicians, mining reps, Qld Govt Mining Registrar, and local residents . John Gordon (Musician) will perform his mining ballad that recently received Australia-wide media attention following it’s ban from ABC radio despite other states giving it air-time. The media will also be in attendance.

DATE: Friday 8th April
TIME: 7pm
WHERE: Gowrie Community Hall- Old Homebush Road Gowrie Junction

Please bring your pens and paper to jot down info as needed. For further information please join our FACEBOOK page- Toowoomba Coal Mine Action Group.

See you there,
Toowoomba Coal Mine Action Group

Submitted by Lucinda and Dean Paynter
[email protected]

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