Countdown Resumes For Model Rocket Launch Saturday, September 3rd

After being delayed by adverse weather last Saturday, all is looking good for the Space Pilots Club’s  Toowoomba Model Rocket Launch this Saturday.

How would you like the thrill, the build-up of anticipation before the launching skyward of a model rocketship?…actually to be there and to count-down the last five seconds leading up to that launch?

Well, the good news is…that you can !

……. because the next launch-day by the Rangeville Space Pilots Club at the T.A.R.M.A.C (Toowoomba Amateur Radio-controlled Model Aero Club) airfield (just ten-minutes south of Toowoomba on the New England Highway, on your right just past “The Mill – The Outlook”) is this Saturday 3rd September, starting at 1:30pm.

The first rockets will launch by 2pm.

The Space Pilots’ Club and TARMAC invite you to come along to witness this ‘magic’ event. There’s tension in the air as young and old join in the countdown….as the rocket-maker (who has the honour of pressing the launch button!)….tenses-up in concentration anticipating what is to come.

Will it be a perfect launch?..(the variety of styles of rockets often reaching heights approaching 1000-feet?)…or will the trajectory send the maker’s precious rocket …one of many to be launched on the day…..either onto the roof….or, worse still, into a neighbouring paddock?

Come and enjoy the afternoon. There is no charge to be there. Just drive in and park in the designated area.

Bringing a folding chair is to be recommended..

The site has toilet facilities and refreshments are also available. It promises to be an ‘afternoon with a difference’!….even if it is just to see how the teenage Senior Space Pilots go in competition with each other in launching their ‘brand-new’ “Baby Bertha” space craft.

The event usually concludes between 3:30 and 4pm.

Submitted by:
Barry Whisson
Launch Controller

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