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Cressbrook And Perseverance Dams Closed

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) has closed Cressbrook and Perseverance Dams for water-based activities until further notice.

TRC Mayor Paul Antonio said Council officers had made the decision to stop water-based activities at the two dam sites as required under recreational guidelines.

“This is a precautionary closure to ensure visitors do not suffer any health concerns due to toxins present in Cressbrook Dam and elevated levels of E.coli in Perseverance Dam,” Mayor Antonio said.

“Council will conduct its regular testing regime to determine when the dams can re-open.

“We appreciate the timing of these closures aren’t ideal and while we would have preferred to have the facilities open for families over the Christmas period, we simply can’t take any health risks by allowing water-based activities at this time.

“Fortunately, Council’s treatment plant is capable of treating this level of toxin and as such there will be no change to the picnic ground or camping ground sites so community members are welcome to use these facilities.

“Council monitors its dams weekly for algae and numerous microbiological parameters including E.coli. We also test chemical parameters such as iron, manganese, alkalinity, hardness, ammonia, nitrate, colour, turbidity and phosphate

“The treatment process is also closely monitored (daily). When the water leaves the treatment plant, we conduct tests in the distribution system under our Drinking Water Quality Management Plans.

“These plans line up with the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.

To view activities open or closed at the dams, please visit

Brendan Steinhardt
Principal Media and Strategic Relations
Stakeholder Engagement and Communications
Toowoomba Regional Council

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