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Cycling 40kms For 40 Days On Turning 40

Author and public speaker, Letitia Shelton is celebrating her 40th birthday on her Letitia Sheltonbicycle from March 9th to April 7th, covering a minimum of 40kms each day around Toowoomba .

Letitia has worked for over 15 years with literally hundreds of young women and was nominated as one of the 20 most influential women who has helped to shape this community.

As Coordinator of City Women, an umbrella for 20 organisations working to make Toowoomba a better place for women and girls, she says, “I really want to raise awareness of some of the issues faced by many young women in society today, such as the breakup of families, domestic violence, the sexualisation of women, teenage pregnancy and abortion, depression and eating disorders.”
40km ride Flyer
The ride will be launched after International Women’s Day on March 9th at City Hall.

Toowoomba Regional Council Mayor Paul Antonio says, “The work done by City Women in providing support and dedication to some of the most vulnerable girls, makes a significant difference in the very culture of our city.”

In undertaking this bike ride, Letitia, author of Fighting For Our Daughters and consultant for Bella magazine for teenage girls, is also looking for sponsorships of $40 and any other donations for the work of City Women.

Tax deductible donations can be made online at citywomen.com.au

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