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Ergon Energy Warns Of Phishing Email Scam

Ergon Energy customers are being targeted with phishing emails seeking personal information and payment of bogus electricity accounts. Group Manager Retail Service Channels Brett Milne, said customers in North Queensland and the Toowoomba areas had received emails from a company called Pacific Gas & Electric in the last few days.

“These customers knew the emails were a scam and rang to alert Ergon. There are probably substantially more customers who’ve also received the same email. To my knowledge there is no such electricity retailer as Pacific Gas & Electric offering services in regional Queensland,” he said.

Mr Milne said the emails are designed to seek credit card and personal information for fraudulent use.

“Phishing emails aren’t about buying something. They try to lure you by clicking on a link and entering your account and password information, which can then be used for financial gain. Our advice is never give out personal information over the phone or by email to people and or companies you don’t know”.

Mr Milne said “Customers receiving these emails should not respond but call the Office of Fair Trading hotline number – 13 74 68 or contact them via their web site at or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on 1300 302 502 or visit their web site ” .

Mr Milne said the Ergon customers should be vigilant as scammers become bolder in their attempts to elicit personal information.

Submitted by:
Rod Rehbein
Corporate Communications Manager
Ergon Energy

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