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“Festival Of Basketball – Promoting Positive Choices”

The Toowoomba Basketball Association has successfully negotiated with the Townsville McDonalds Crocodiles and Sydney Kings NBL teams to play pre-season games in Toowoomba on the 14th and 16th of September.

These games will be part of a “Festival of Basketball – Promoting Positive Choices” where efforts will be made to stem community incidence of violence, bullying, self-harm, obesity, substance abuse, suicide, psychological disorders and crime.

The Crocs will arrive on 12th September to conduct a pre-season training camp, provide a massive number of school clinics, visit childrens hospitals, make appearances at McDonalds Restaurants and attend functions to promote the concept of “positive choices” leading to better outcomes in life as well as on court.

Submitted by:
John Gouldson
TBA Vice President

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