Free Korean Cultural Show At USQ Arts Theatre

Enjoy the spectacular colours, movements and sounds highlighting unique Korean culture at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) on Sunday, October 5. The performances will showcase Korean culture through traditional dances by the Second Wind Dance Company from HanYang University in Seoul and instrumental performances by the Korean Traditional Performers Group, Hanmadang, from Brisbane.

Residents are invited to experience a range of performances during the free show at the USQ Arts Theatre from 2-3.30pm.

korea1 koreapangoot
The performance will include:

Samul Nori by Hanmadang,  a performance of traditional percussion music usually performed with four traditional Korean musical instruments.
Buchadechum by SWDC ,a fan dance where the dancers hold two beautiful fans in both hands creating amazing patterns and arrangements.
Taepyeongmu by SWDC, a ‘great peace dance’ with the function of wishing a great peace for the country.
Dae-Geum by Sang-Gi Bak,an instrumental soloist playing a large bamboo transverse flute.
Buchae Sanjochum by SWDC.
Soripungjeong by SWDC, a more traditional dance accompanied by traditional Korean instruments, dance styles and rhythms.
Hae-Geum by So-Yeong Choi,an instrumental soloist playing a traditional Korean string instrument, resembling a fiddle.
Samul Pangoot by Hanmadang, a performance of dance and music with traditional instruments while spinning Sangmo that is a specially designed hat with a long ribbon.

The performance is supported by Toowoomba Regional Council and the Korean Society of Queensland. With limited seating, please be early. For enquiries, call 131 872.

Submitted by:
Angus Moffatt
Media Relations Officer
Stakeholder Engagement and Communication
Toowoomba Service Centre

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