Gems From Life – Amber, Pearls, Ivory And More

A public lecture conducted by the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society, Toowoomba

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Organic gem materials – those of plant and animal origin – have been used world-wide for thousands of years. In a lecture she will present for the Toowoomba Group of the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society (ADFAS) on 1 November, Maggie Campbell Pedersen will introduce us to the best-known of the organic gems – amber, jet, horn, tortoiseshell, pearl, shell and coral. She will cover their origins, uses and place in history, where to find examples and how to identify them.

Maggie Campbell Pedersen is highly regarded as an expert in the field of organic gems. She is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, the author of books and articles on the subject and lectures in many countries.

Maggie’s lecture will be given in the Glennie Room, The Glennie School, Herries Street, Toowoomba on Tuesday 1 November at 6.45 pm and will be followed by supper. Members of the public are very welcome to attend. The cost is $20 for persons who are not members of ADFAS and $10 for students.

For further information about this lecture and about membership of ADFAS contact the Secretary of ADFAS, Toowoomba on 07 4636 6164.

Submitted by:
Paul McNally
ADFAS Toowoomba

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