Happy National Dog Day!

Despite the fact that tick season is here, many Aussie dog owners aren’t aware of the serious harm these deadly parasites – especially Paralysis Ticks – can cause to their four-legged friends.

To help drive even more awareness of paralysis ticks, NexGard has proudly partnered with Guide Dogs Australia to help all dog owners understand the importance of protecting their pets. NexGard supplies Guide Dog handlers all over the country with its tasty, once-a-month chews which protects these special animals from ticks and fleas.

But because today is National Dog Day, and in recognition that all dogs are special, NexGard is highlighting its continued partnership with Guide Dogs Australia.  Both NexGard and Guide Dogs Australia want all humans to become more aware of, and check for, Paralysis Ticks.

Dr Lisa Chimes, emergency veterinarian and Aussie presenter of television’s Bondi Vet and Dr Lisa To The Rescue, says we need to be vigilant about these deadly parasites.“Maybe it’s not just a coincidence that National Dog Day falls at the same time as the start of tick season. Today is the perfect reminder for us to check our dogs and stay on top of tick protection by using a great product like NexGard.”

Dr Caroline Moeser, Veterinary and Breeding Services Manager, Guide Dogs Australia, agrees: “Here at Guide Dogs Australia the health of our dogs is vital and that’s why we highlight preventative medicine. We have puppies placed all over Australia – from Metropolitan to regional areas – who are looked after by our dedicated puppy raisers. Therefore, it’s really important that we use an effective preventative product for fleas and ticks. That’s why we use NexGard for our puppies and adult Guide Dogs.”

In a first for Australia, NexGard has also created a Paralysis Tick Advisory Panel. Comprised of 14 veterinary experts in tick paralysis, the panel has created guidelines and materials designed to help dog owners look for and treat their pets against these potentially deadly parasites.

“The Tick Advisory Panel Guidelines explain that it’s important you search your pets daily for ticks and remove any you find immediately, followed by seeking veterinary attention,” says Dr Chimes.  “It’s important to check every aspect of your pet. Start at the head and neck, including the mouth and ears. Continue to the front legs and paws, check between and underneath the toes and then search the chest, belly, back, tail and back legs and toes.”

For more information on paralysis ticks and techniques for checking pets, contact your vet for a copy of the “Deadly Paralysis Ticks, How to protect your pet” brochure developed by the Australian Paralysis Tick Advisory Panel.

NexGard is a tasty once-a-month chew that can be given with or without food and is suitable for puppies from eight weeks of age, weighing 2kgs or greater.  It is available in Australia at leading veterinary clinics and pet speciality stores.

For more information on how to protect dogs from ticks and fleas using NexGard, visit



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