Help Us Turn Type 2 Diabetes Around, Toowoomba!

Toowoomba is one of the state’s diabetes hotspots – with rates of type 2 diabetes diagnosed in the city increasing by more than 23 per cent since 2008 (Type 2 diabetes is known as a major cause of avoidable hospitalisation in Queensland, above the flu and asthma).

Diabetes Queensland is calling on members of the Toowoomba community to take action, by personally helping to educate more people about the world’s fastest growing chronic disease. Volunteers are being sought to present the new community-based program ‘Know the Score’, designed to educate people about type 2 diabetes, its complications, and how, where possible, people can prevent or delay the onset of the condition.

With 60 more Queenslanders diagnosed with type 2 diabetes every day and rates expected to triple across Australia by 2025, Diabetes Queensland CEO Michelle Trute says the rise of type 2 diabetes is having a major impact not only on individuals, but across this state as a whole.

Type 2 diabetes is known as a lifestyle condition which can be largely prevented or delayed through regular exercise, ensuring a nutritious diet and maintaining a healthy weight. The condition is one of the country’s greatest emerging health and economic burdens, at a financial cost of up to $6 billion annually.

“Every person with diabetes costs the health system up to $10,000 per year,” she said. “This is a costly condition which we all have a responsibility to tackle together, to stop this epidemic escalating out of control. Across Queensland, we all need to heed the warning signs. With more than two thirds of Australian adults classified as overweight or obese, it’s vital that we take community action to increase education and support, and help people make better lifestyle choices.overweight-people.jpg

‘Know the Score’ is presented by committed volunteers, who are passionate about championing the type 2 diabetes prevention message at a grass-roots level. Volunteers from the Toowoomba region can register for free to complete a one-day training course to gain the skills and resources necessary to deliver know the score. Those who can communicate well with others, are confident public speakers and have the time to give are encouraged to apply.

The next volunteer training session is scheduled in the region for Wednesday 27th February. Register your interest by contacting Diabetes Queensland on 1300 136 588 or by emailing [email protected] Places are limited with registrations closing on 19th February.

More information about the impact of type 2 diabetes across Queensland and  ‘Know the Score’ is available at

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