“Killing Time” Comes To Toowoomba

“It’s the story of the business of killing and it needs to be told.”

Guest speaker Josh Agland is an ex-industry insider who worked in an abattoir for three years. Josh will be in Toowoomba on Friday 17 February 2017 at 6:30pm at the Uni Bar USQ, R Block, West Street, Toowoomba, to share his story with us.

Agland’s insider knowledge makes him uniquely qualified to talk to us about the realities of a modern slaughterhouse and the effects they have on animals, workers and the surrounding community. He’ll also address some of the issues of exploitation, greed and power that the industry uses to further disconnect society at the expense of nonhuman and human victims.

“Josh is an engaging speaker with an important story to tell.  He will move you to tears and inspire you to make kinder choices in your everyday life.” says Mo Orr, Vegans In Toowoomba.

It took time for Josh to be ready to talk about his years spent in the slaughterhouse. But he realised that it’s not his story—it’s the story of the animals in the slaughter lines, and of the workers who perform the dangerous, soul-destroying work. It’s the story of the business of killing and it needs to be told.

“The key is to unlock that individual trigger of empathy in people.” Agland says, and that we need to be aware of what’s happening to animals and to fight for them.

Please join us for this important event:

Date: Friday 17 February 2016 at 6:30pm
Venue: Uni Bar USQ, R Block, University of Southern Queensland, West Street, Toowoomba
Cost: $10 p/p includes Tortilla Wraps
Bookings: phone/text 0412 775 678 to confirm your booking

Payment at the door on the night.

Submitted by:
Mo Orr: 0407 900 019
Renata Halpin: 0412 775 678
Vegans in Toowoomba


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