Les Miserables Shows Toowoomba’s Got Talent

By popular demand, the Toowoomba Choral Society is revisiting the hugely acclaimed “Les Misérables” as its 2009 annual musical production. The musical is based on the novel by French author Victor Hugo and follows the struggle of Jean Valjean to rebuild his life in a world filled with poverty and evil and to show compassion to others along the way.

Well known Toowoomba tenor, Martin Paroz , plays the lead, Jean Valjean, against Brisbane baritone Lionel Theunissen’s Javert. The production will be a family affair for Martin as his young son, Harry, plays the part of Gavroche in the musical. Other lead performers include Lisa Skerman as Fantine, Lucy Whyte as Cossette, Naomi Montey as Eponine, Ryan Gornall as Enjolras, John Condon as Thenardier and Vicki Bravery as Madame Thenardier.

The talented Michael Escober, who played the King in TCS’ 2008 production of “The King and I”, and more recently the part of Cosmo Brown in The Empire’s “Singing in the Rain”, will play Marius.

Director Rosemary Carter believes that with such a wonderful new cast, there’s no reason why this year’s “Les Miserables” shouldn’t surpass the Choral Society’s previous productions. She says “It’s a very emotional and timeless show. People can’t help but become involved in the story which is full of action. There’s an abundance of rich characters, both good and evil, from young university activists to the Thenardiers.”

“Les Miserables”, one of the most inspiring musicals of all time, will be performed at the Empire Theatre, Neil Street, Toowoomba from 28th to 30th August. Tickets are on sale from the Empire Theatres Box Office (phone 1300 655 299). Group bookings of 6 or more are eligible for a discount.

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