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“Mini” Toowoomba Open House For 2016

Men's UrinalTo mark the date change from October to May this year features a mini event as a Date Claimer, before returning in full on Sunday 28 May 2017.  Start early on Sunday 22 May with a visit to our information hub at the heritage listed Russell Street Men’s Toilet, open from 9.45am.

It is rare that both women and men have the opportunity to view inside this tiny structure so don’t miss this chance.  Come and learn more about just what makes this building so special and why it was important enough to justify its careful dismantling and reconstruction as part of the creek flood mitigation work..

As the oldest known existing public urinal in Queensland, this small building packs a punch in the stories it could tell.  Constructed in 1919, it offers evidence of the development of public health in early 20th century Queensland.  There are probably many a tale that could be told by nearby revellers and travellers from the nearby Railway Station – if you have one come along and share it with our volunteers on the day!

Bookings for the guided tours are filling fast and can be made at or by calling 0413 724 846.


Contact TOH Enquiries

Stephanie Keays 0432 939 350 or Debby 0402 138 751

[email protected]

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