Mixed Bag Of Entertainment For Australia Day 2011

Highfields Pioneer Village on Australia Day (Wednesday, 26th January) will have a variety of entertainment and displays, sure to interest all ages.

Trevor Dodds

Highfields entertainer Trevor Dodds will be performing a selection of Australian band music including Cold Chisel and Men at Work as well as songs by Lee Kernaghan, Paul Kelly, Peter Allen and John Williamson. Trevor has been singing and playing both acoustic and electric guitar since he was 13 years old. Originally from Gayndah, Trevor is an ex-policeman who enjoys performing Australiana & Australian rock songs. He was a Sergeant in Longreach where he was also became involved with tourism. He has performed in Brisbane, Longreach, Birdsville, Mooloolaba, Millmerran & Gladstone. Trevor’s corporate work includes Qld Cotton, Highfields Christmas Block Party and the David Hack Classic Meet.
“’It was a privilege to be asked to put a different stamp on Australia Day at Highfields with the music of Australian bands,” says Trevor.

Egor the naked neck chicken is one of many new additions to the animal nursery this year. The breed was introduced to the village in April last year when Judy Barnett of Clintonvale donated a rooster to the Highfields Pioneer Village. Judy will be displaying a number of rare breeds at the village on Australia Day.

“The chickens produced from the mating to the chooks at the village have all had the naked neck feature,” says the village’s Jody Ashford. “The breed is especially good in hot climates.”

Jody & Egor

Naked neck chickens are naturally devoid of feathers on their neck and vent. It is also called Transylvanian Naked Neck, as well as the Turken. Originally from Central Europe, it originated in Hungary and was largely developed in Germany. The name “Turken” arose from the mistaken idea that the bird was a hybrid of a chicken and the domestic turkey. The trait for a naked neck is a dominant one controlled by one gene and is fairly easy to introduce into other breeds.

Bobby Flynn singer/songwriter who we came to know and love on Australian Idol, will be the official Woolworths Australia Day Ambassador to speak at the official Highfields Australia Day ceremony to start at 2pm, and will be available at 3pm to take questions from the public.

The Australia Day Celebrations at Highfields are being held at the Highfields Pioneer Village, 73 Wirraglen Rd, Highfields. Other activities during the day include Milking the Cow at 9:30am, Beekeeping, Blacksmithing, Working Draught Horses and lots of food including Billy Tea and Damper.

For more information please contact Jody Ashford on: (07) 4696 6309.

Photos and Story by Jenny Gersekowski.

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