National Bird Week And Aussie Backyard Bird Count

We need your help to make every bird count.

From 17-23 October 2016, during National Bird Week, thousands of Australians will be found in backyards of all shapes and sizes counting their local birds and discovering how they are coping in the spaces we share.

During National Bird Week 2016 there are a range of local and national activities: • The Aussie Backyard Bird Count – anytime, anywhere • Schoolyard Twitches and local council activities • Bird walks in cities and towns and Breakfast with the Birds events • Displays and information at local tourist centres, libraries and community centres.

More than 800 species of birds have been recorded in Australia (and counting). This includes 151 seldom-seen visitors, and 27 which have become extinct since European settlement.

To help Australians count 1.5 million birds in seven days, BirdLife Australia has updated its #AussieBirdCount app. It’s easy to use and only takes 20 minutes. You’ll be able to step your way through the bird identification process. The app also allows users to search for bird sightings in their area, and view state and national statistics.

Download the app at aussiebirdcount.org.au  The app can be used on both iPhone and android.

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