Queen Of Sheba Arrives In Toowoomba

The  Darling  Downs  will  receive  a  rare  treat when  The  Australian  Brandenburg  Orchestra  plays  at  The  Empire  Church  Theatre  in Toowoomba.  Corporate  sponsor,  Sydney  based  APA  Group,  has  lured  the  ABO  to  play  here  due  to  connections  with  the  McCormack  family  of  Killarney.  Lyndall  is  a  fourth  generation  farmer  on  the  Downs  and  is  delighted  with  the
community  response  to  the  Australian  Brandenburg  Orchestra

Lyndall  McCormack, the wife  of  APA’s  Managing  Director  Mick  McCormack,  has  invited  Paul  Dyer  and  his  internationally  renowned Baroque  musicians,  to  bring  the  Orchestra  to  regional  Australia,  and  the  Downs  in  particular.   “I’ve  heard  the  orchestra  many  times  in  the  city,  but  it  will  be  so  lovely  to  have  them  performing  in  the Empire Church  Theatre.   I  am  particularly  looking  forward  to  hearing  “The  Arrival  of  the  Queen  of  Sheba. Goosebumps  guaranteed,”  said  Mrs McCormack  from  Killarney.

A  large  contingent  of  Warwick  and  Killarney  people  will  be  heading  to  the concert,  delighted  to  be  able  to  hear  this  award-­‐winning  and  world  class orchestra  so  close  to  home.

Mick  and  Lyndall  McCormack  have  had  a  long  association  with  classical  music,  as  APA  is  celebrating  15  years  of  partnership  with  The  Australian  Brandenburg Orchestra.   APA  is  Australia’s  largest  gas  infrastructure  business  with  over 15,000  customers  in  Toowoomba  who  are  connected  to  APA’s  gas  distribution network.  APA  employs  staff  in  Gatton,  Toowoomba,  Oakey  and  Dalby,  and  at  the  Daandine power  station.   Mick  McCormack  said  he  was  pleased  to  bring  some  “baroque  to the  bush .The  kind  of  world  that  an  internationally  acclaimed  musician  lives  in,  is  miles apart  from  farming  and  regional  Australian  life,  but  this  is  one  way  the  two worlds  can  meet  and  both  can  have  a  marvellous  experience,”  he  said.

The  Brandenburg  Orchestra,  formed  over  25  years  ago,  plays  lively  and  exuberant  baroque  classics  and  rare  pieces  from Vivaldi,  Handel  and  other  16th-­‐18th  century  composers  and  operas,  all  on  authentic  instruments  from  that period.   The  Brandenburg’s  lush  and  soothing  oratorios  and  symphonies  were  heard  in Toowoomba  for  the  first  time  in  2015,  courtesy  of  APA.

Artistic  Director,  Paul  Dyer,  said  he  was  particularly  looking  forward  to  returning to  the  rich  atmosphere  of  the  Empire  Church  Theatre.  “With  the  theatre’s  serene  setting,  it’s  the  perfect  venue  for  the  period instruments  and  for  ancient  music  like  Pachelbel’s  Canon,  which  was  composed by  the  organist  of  St  Stephen’s  Cathedral,  Vienna,  over  300  years  ago”,  Paul  said.

“Playing  in  an  intimate  informal  setting  always  ensures  a  lively  and  fun performance”,  Paul  added.  The  Australian  Brandenburg  Orchestra  will  play  the  free  community  concert  at the  Empire  Church  Theatre  on  August  9th.

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