Relationship Between Photography And Art Lecture Tuesday, 4th October

The camera does not lie: the relationship between the photograph and the work of art

A public lecture conducted by the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society, Toowoomba

The relationship between photography and art has long been the subject of controversy. Can photographs be works of art? How do artists use photography in conceiving and making works of art? From its first invention in the nineteenth century, artists came to use photographs  just as photographers imitated art. These issues will be explored by Dr Nicholas Watkins in a lecture he will present for the Toowoomba Group of the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society (ADFAS) on Tuesday, 4 October.

Nicholas Watkins is internationally regarded as an expert on the role and nature of photography in art as well as being an acknowledged authority on the work of Matisse and Bonnard. He is widely published and lectures extensively at universities, museums and art galleries. As a guest lecturer for the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society, Dr Watkins will be lecturing in several centres in Australia during his visit from the UK.

Dr Watkins’ lecture will be given in the Glennie Room, The Glennie School, Herries Street, Toowoomba on Tuesday 4 October at 6.45 pm and will be followed by supper. Members of the public are very welcome to attend. The cost is $20 for persons who are not members of ADFAS and $10 for students. For further information about this lecture and about membership of ADFAS contact the Secretary of ADFAS, Toowoomba on 07 4636 6164.

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Paul McNally


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