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Residents Seek Support To Start Neighbourhood Watch Group In Glenvale

Member for Toowoomba South David Janetzki MP said residents had raised their concerns about crime and community safety after a spate of burglaries and car thefts.

“I am right behind a push for starting a Neighbourhood Watch group for Glenvale,” Mr Janetzki said. “Neighbours looking out for neighbours will always be one of the best ways to deter criminals,” he said.

Coralie Wiggins has lived in Glenvale for 11 years and said she had seen the suburb change for the worse. Miss Wiggins has been the victim of two attempted burglaries over the past three years.

“Just before Christmas I was in bed when I heard thieves trying to break through the front window. I rang 000 and the operator could also hear them trying to break in. Luckily the dog squad was close by and they were scared off by the lights and sirens arriving,” she said.

“It was very scary and very intimidating having someone invading your personal space like that.”

Coralie Wiggins, David Janetzki MP and Emily Walsh

Glenvale resident Emily Marsh has been living in Glenvale for two years and there was an attempted break-in of her home while she and her partner were on holidays last year.

Miss Marsh has found drug paraphernalia including a crack (cocaine) pipe in the nearby Riethmuller Park. Her dog was also attacked by two roaming pigging dogs while walking on the lead at Riethmuller Park.

“The dogs had her pinned to the ground and would not let go – I was kicking them and a man came over with a shovel to break it up,” Miss Marsh said. “It was very frightening especially since it happened in the park where children play,” she said.

Miss Marsh said other residents had reported the dogs roaming the neighbourhood and at least one man was attacked by them. “I always walk with a stick now and noticed some other residents do too,” she said.

Miss Marsh said a Glenvale Neighbourhood Watch group was an excellent idea to encourage residents to watch for suspicious activity and be informed of what crime was happening in their suburb.

Mr Janetzki has met with residents in Glenvale in regards to establishing the new group. “I’m fighting for stronger laws and more police resources and the good news is the community wants to get involved too at a grassroots level,” he said.

Research shows that there is a 16% to 26% drop in crime in areas with active Neighbourhood Watch groups.

Submitted by:
Lacey Maguire
Media Adviser
Office of David Janetzki MP
Member for Toowoomba South
Email:  [email protected]


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