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Reunite Service — provided by Crime Stoppers Qld

Reunite service by Crime Stoppers Qld

Crime Stoppers Queensland has launched a bold new community safety initiative called the Reunite Service.

The Reunite Service is simple, effective and secure and utilises the Crime Stoppers call centre to help reunite parents, guardians and carers with those in their care, should they become separated.

It is a web based system where the public register those in their care onto a secure database. The database will be accessed only by the Crime Stoppers call centre when a person is reported separated.

Uniquely numbered identification “face” cards and a matching numbered wristband will be issued with each registration, with the wristband being worn by the registered person and the face cards carried by the parents, guardians or carers.

If a person becomes separated they can ask for help and show their wristband. A call is made to the Crime Stoppers call centre quoting the identifying number. The call centre then contacts the parent, guardian or carer directly. If contact can not be made the local police are called to attend.

Alternatively, if it is discovered that a person is missing, the parent, guardian or carer makes the call to Crime Stoppers quoting the identifying number from the face card. The Crime Stoppers call centre then raises an alert and electronically distributes the person ‘s crucial identification information and image to local Police.

The service is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week from the low single per annum cost to the user of $9.95.

Help will only be a phone call away when you need it most by calling Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

For peace of mind register your loved ones today on the Reunite Service website.

Your local school can also get involved as a fund raising incentive of $2.00 per registration will be offered to schools for the first six months of the service.

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