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Smart Parking In Toowoomba CBD Switched On

Smart Parking in the Toowoomba CBD has been switched on from 28th July, with paid parking in bays recommencing.TRC Infrastructure Committee Portfolio Leader Cr Melissa Taylor welcomed the new technology which will allow residents to easily find available parking bays, offer contact-less payment and the option to extend parking time within the existing time limits.“

This is a step forward for our community and will allow residents to make payments on the new ‘Toowoomba Parking’ App otherwise the large machines will accept all payment types and the small machines will accept card payments,” Cr Taylor said.

“Parking prices and time limits remain unchanged however, the first 30 minutes of on-street paid parking within the CBD will be free under the Smart Parking project. 30 minutes of free parking has been retained to support businesses within the CBD by encouraging turn over in the city centre.”

“While the first 30 minutes is free, customers will still be required to use a parking meter or the App every time they park regardless of how long they are parking in case they choose to stay longer than originally anticipated.”

“We know the move to this new system is a change for our residents and ask for patience during this phase of our Toowoomba City Centre Car Parking Strategy.”

“If you’re experiencing any difficulties and need help, please contact our team on 131 872 so we can quickly resolve this for you.”

The ‘Toowoomba Parking’ App is available for download on the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store.

For more information on Council’s Smart Parking project, please visit Toowoomba Regional Council’s website or phone 131 872.

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