Support Grantham Flood Victims

Like many of those affected by the flood disaster, displaced Grantham resident Nury Barros simply could not sit idle listening to the loss of her neighbours.

Instead she has been hard at work establishing a disaster relief and rebuilding fund. ‘Grantham Flood Support’ started as a Facebook group, which by its second day had around 900 supporters.

A website was launched to accept donations and sell raffle tickets.

After just 30 minutes, nearly $500 has been banked.

After 24 hours, the total has reached $10,000

One of the fund’s mandates is that all proceeds raised are directed to Grantham and surrounding areas. Ms Barros says  “As a resident, I will be making sure every cent ends up in the Lockyer Valley helping flood victims.”

The Lockyer Valley Regional Council has thrown it’s weight behind the venture as an official supporter.

At the website, visitors can assist in three different ways:

1) Donate products and services as raffle prizes

2) Buy raffle tickets ($5 each)

3) Make donations using credit card

“Little Grantham, a town of less than 1000 people, is counting more bodies than Brisbane. It really is the ‘ground zero’ of the flood disaster,” Ms Barros explains. “The town is completely gone and we’ll have to go through months of rebuilding just to have a ‘home’ again.”

All Flood Aftermath photos by John Grainger, News Limited only to be used in the context of this story
Nury Barros, Chairperson Grantham Flood Support
ABN: 23 304 576 18
Phone: 0428 267 586 or 07 46 388 488
E-mail: [email protected]
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