Toowoomba Backscratchers Donates $3,500 To Hospice

A local business referral group in town called “Toowoomba Backscratchers” has kindly ‘Adopted a Room’ for $3,500.00 to the Toowoomba Hospice making a grand total of over $36,000.00 since the Hospice became their charity July 2003.

Mrs. Naomi Wilson the immediate past president said “As the name infers, our breakfast meetings are designed so that members are aware of other persons in other industries to whom they can refer work.  Whilst there is no compulsion to refer to other members of the group, it is naturally the intention of such an organisation and with every referral the Hospice is given at least $1.00”

Mr Mark Munro Promotions and Fundraising Manager said since attending the breakfasts not only has the Hospice been given over $36,000.00 dollars in donations from the group, the businesses also donate their time in helping by way of offering services “We have a great variety of professionals in the group who offer their service either free of charge or at a discounted price”

Mr Munro said “An added benefit of the group is the fellowship of like-minded business people who are interested in developing their individual businesses.” For more information on Backscratchers please call the Secretary Owen Raabe on 0746 323 434.

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