Toowoomba Regional Radio Personality Krazy Kevin In World’s Greatest Shave On Thursday, March 15th

Krazy Kevin

Recently I interviewed Phoebe Mitchell from the Leukemia Foundation. During our chat she told me about the “World’s Greatest Shave” where people raise funds for the Foundation by having their head shaved or hair coloured. I said “can Krazy Kevin do it too?” She nearly fell off the chair, but she said Yes!

This will be the third time I have shaved my head for charity. The first was way back in the early 90’s when a football playing friend of mine had a brain tumor.   I had my hair shaved off on the centre spot of Cambridge United FC pitch at half time with 7,000 people looking on.  Buckets were sent around the crowd and we made enough money to send Peter and his wife on a lovely holiday.

Fast forward to Bahrain, when we put together the famous “Hands across the Water” appeal which raised over 55,000 BD ($150,0o0) for the victims of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. During that campaign I had my head half shaved for 3 weeks, then fully shaved.
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So onto the present day, and I am asking for anyone just to have a look at this link: and if you have any money to spare for a good cause, please pledge your donation… And don’t forget to come down to Gardentown in Toowoomba from 6pm on Thursday, 15th March to join in the fun.

Krazy Kevin

(Krazy Kevin can be heard each day between 4 and 6pm on Toowoomba City FM 87.6, Crow’s Nest FM 88.0, Highfields FM 87.6, Range FM 87.8, Pittsworth FM 87.6 and Millmerran FM 87.6).


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