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Toowoomba Residents Urged To Kick Off Storm Season Clean Up

Is your home and yard ready to withstand storm season? State Emergency Service (SES) are urging residents to check roofs and gutters and clean up backyards before severe weather hits.

SES South Western Regional Manager Robert Bundy said there were measures residents could take to prepare their homes for heavy rain and severe weather. “There are a number of things residents can do to prepare their homes to minimise damage during severe weather activity,” he said. “Many SES call outs are to leaking roofs which is often a result of an existing problem or due to full gutters, so residents should look at checking their roofs and eaves, and cleaning gutters now to avoid a problem occurring amidst a storm.”

Toowoomba Local Controller John Harrison said most call outs in the Toowoomba area during storm season were to leaking roofs or damage caused by branches and debris. “It’s important that residents start cleaning up backyards, trimming overhanging branches and securing loose objects outside,” he said. “Everyday items could become a projectile in heavy wind, including outdoor furniture, dog kennels and trampolines. Even the occasional garden shed has been known to be caught in severe wind in the Toowoomba area, so it’s important to ensure all outdoor objects are tied down if severe weather is forecast.”

The Toowoomba SES group have been continuing their own storm season preparation, completing training in chainsaw use and maintenance and working at heights, skills that are often called upon in storm season. “We are ready to respond, but are asking residents to do what they can now to prepare themselves, their homes and families for storm season,” Mr Harrison said.

For further information on storm and severe weather preparation, visit

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