Toowoomba South By-Election – Comment

Di_ThorleyI’m receiving information from the community that the LNP is engaging in push polling carried out by Q and A Market Research.

An attempt is being made to create fear in the community by a panicked LNP candidate. One of the questions posed to the electorate was: “How do they feel about Di Thorley’s policy on introducing recycled water into Toowoomba’s water supply”. The issue of recycled water was dealt with in 2007 by the then Toowoomba City Council . It is no longer an issue due to Toowoomba’s water supply being secured via the Wivenhoe pipeline.

I am appalled that the inexperienced LNP candidate does not realise that domestic reticulated water supply is the jurisdiction of local government, not the Queensland Government. Is this scare campaign the depths that the LNP candidate will sink to in an attempt to secure continuity of LNP ownership of Toowoomba South?

This latest unconscionable behaviour by the LNP and its candidate should not be tolerated. I feel it is my responsibility to name and shame this behaviour.

If you wish to discuss please call me … 0417 787 466.


Di Thorley
Independent Candidate for Toowoomba South

By-election to be held on on Saturday, 16th July.
If you are enrolled in Toowoomba South, please remember to number all squares when you vote.

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