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Toowoomba Students Marching For Action On Climate Change

You are invited to attend a local climate strike on Friday,  March 25th  (2pm) at Queens Park, Toowoomba (corner of Hume and Margaret Sts). This event will be held by Toowoomba for Climate Action and School Strike 4 Climate in association with Fridays for Future and is part of an international strike day.

Local students and supporters are asking politicians to act on the climate crisis and stop taking donations from fossil fuel companies.

As part of the global strike day on Friday,  March 25th, students will be marching from Queens Park to Groom MP Garth Hamilton’s office, demanding action on climate change.

“Climate change isn’t something which can only be seen on a graph anymore. You only have to look outside your window to see the effects,” local strike organiser and university student Robert Baillie said.

“Fossil Fuel corporations are the largest contributors of donations in our political system. This is clouding the decision-making of politicians who are deciding the fate of our futures.”

“Our community has faced some of the most severe manifestations of climate change in recent years. When our communities aren’t on fire, they’re flooded instead. It seems as if the only thing that will stop an extreme weather event is an even more catastrophic weather event.”

With a federal election coming up, these students have three demands of their
politicians. “At this strike, we are calling on politicians to fight for #PeopleNotProfit, and we are demanding an end to fossil fuel handouts and political donations,” he said.

We will talk about how rural and regional communities are on the frontlines of
experiencing the effects of climate change.

We are demanding
1. Net-Zero by 2030, which means no new coal, oil or gas projects.
2. 100% renewable energy generation and exports by 2030
3. Fund a Just Transition and Job Creation for all Fossil Fuel Workers and their

Everyone is invited to turn up at Queens Park at 2pm, Friday 25th March at the corner of Hume and Margaret Streets Toowoomba.

Submitted by:
Toowoomba for Climate Action

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