Toowoomba’s Russell Street Returning To Two Way Traffic

Russell Street will be converted to two-way traffic between Ruthven and Victoria Streets from 15th June, 2014 as part of the Outer Circulating Road (OCR) Victoria Street extension project.

Toowoomba Regional Council Infrastructure Committee Chair Cr Carol Taylor said Cr_Carol_Taylorconverting that section of Russell Street to two-way traffic was an important step in the OCR project which would lead to improved traffic efficiency in Toowoomba’s Central Business District (CBD).

“Changes will be made to the Ruthven and Russell streets intersection to allow traffic to turn west into Russell Street,” she said. “While the Russell Street diversion is in place, motorists will be able to do a U-turn at the traffic signals at Victoria Street to head back east along Russell Street.

“Traffic from Victoria Street turning east into Russell Street will go into a single lane with barriers in place to keep vehicles in the correct lane.” Cr Taylor said Scholefield Street would be temporarily converted to a cul de sac with two-way traffic as part of the changes. There will be a turning area at the western end of Scholefield Street to allow motorists to turn around and exit left only on to Ruthven Street.”

Russell Street is on track to be re-opened to through traffic in mid-September 2014.

“The remaining one-way section of Russell Street, from Ruthven Street to Neil Street, will be converted to two-way traffic at a later stage along with Neil and Victoria streets as part of the inner city two-way circulation system,” she said.

Submitted by:
Trevor Mitchell
Strategic Projects Officer
Stakeholder Engagement and Communication
Highfields Service Centre
Toowoomba Regional Council

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