Using A Window For Hazard Reduction

Week starting September 7:
 A large fuel reduction burn will occur across the Toowoomba escarpment extending from Harvey Street in the north, through to The Range Highway, Toowoomba Connection Road, in the south. This burn includes a large section of Jubilee Park, some private landholdings and a small section of Redwood Park. Prince Henry Heights is likely to be affected by smoke from this fire and Council staff will try to minimise this where possible, depending on prevailing winds. **All of Jubilee Park will be closed for the week (from September 7th).

Cr McMahon said Council officers had conducted test burns and determined these areas had dried out sufficiently to resume the planned fuel reduction burning schedule.

“Previously planned burns in these areas were postponed due to wet weather,” Cr McMahon said. “The tests showed that vegetation was dry enough to burn, but that it was sufficiently green to ensure a ‘cool’ burn.

“Council, in conjunction with Department of Transport and Main Roads officers, will take advantage of the more favourable conditions to resume our planned burn schedule.

“Due to the need to take advantage of the short window of opportunity to conduct the burn program, neighbours adjoining Redwood Park, Prince Henry Heights and Jubilee Park who would normally receive personal notification, (a letter of an outline burn schedule), will not receive an updated hard copy notification on this occasion.

“Following these burns, Council will re-assess its remaining fuel reduction burn program for 2020. Remaining burns will proceed if favourable weather conditions exist into early spring.

“Queensland Fire and Emergency Services will determine whether more fire permits will be issued, and Council will abide by these directions.

“A variable message board has been placed at the Bridge Street Quarry to advise Prince Henry Heights residents of the new burn dates.

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