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Volunteers Turn Out to Clean Up Myall Creek

After being strewn with rubbish by recent flood waters, the much loved banks of  Myall Creek  in Dalby are one step closer to returning to their natural state. After a public call for help an enthusiastic team of volunteers braved the heat and helped remove rubbish, predominantly plastic packaging, in trees and on the banks along the creek, from the Edward Street Weir to Wambo Street.

Condamine Alliance, the natural resource management organisation for the Condamine catchment, partnered with Western Downs Regional Council to organise the clean up.

Volunteers at work along Myall Creek

Condamine Alliance is working with the Western Downs Regional Council and the Dalby community to reduce the levels of urban waste entering the waterways in the future. “This can be a difficult task during events such as the recent floods and will require vigilance from the local community. ” Condamine Alliance’s CEO Phil McCullough said. “The urban refuse that was washed into the creek and the riparian vegetation is not only aesthetically unpleasant but can have an enormous impact upon the local environment and wildlife,” he said. “Native wildlife are at risk, of injury or death from ingesting or getting tangled in the rubbish, particularly plastic packaging,.”

Spokesperson for Environment and Health, Councillor George Moore said volunteers collected a total of 57  wheat bags full of litter, four pallets, five tyres, three wallets, one handbag and an assortment of clothing from the Myall Creek vicinity. “This filled two box trailers and one flat bed truck and was a fantastic effort,” Cr Moore said. “Council and Condamine Alliance would like to thank the many volunteers who donated their time on Saturday 5th of February, as well as Dalby Home Hardware for donating rakes and gloves and Country Petroleum for donating five $50 vouchers that were raffled as prizes for the volunteers.”

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