Western Downs Holiday Food Drive For Pound Puppies

Origin has been running a Holiday Pet Food Drive for regional animal care centres which house lost or surrendered pets over the Christmas holiday period. Origin has matched every donation made at council pounds in Dalby, Chinchilla, Miles and Tara in the Holiday Pet Food Drive.

Every December and January up to 50 dogs and cats are impounded by Western Downs Regional Council awaiting collection, identification or re-homing.

“It’s a time of year when we should be thinking of how we can give and share the good fortune. While we relax, eat, drink and be merry, there will be pounds at Tara, Chinchilla, Miles and Dalby where animals need care and food.” Origin Community Relations Manager Bruce Chalmers said. “I will be encouraging every Origin staffer to donate to the pet food drive and we will match the community’s efforts.”

Origin Community Relations manager Bruce Chalmers with two-year-old grandson Alfonse and puppy.

Western Downs Regional Council can only accept dry food donations. Pound drop off locations are: Dalby – Irvingdale Rd;  Miles – Lynagh St;  Chinchilla Pound – Slessar St;  Tara – Beardmore St

For more information call Origin on 1800 526 369 or call Western Downs Regional Council  directly on 1300 728 500.

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