Mobile Recycling Engages Students In Environmental Issues

Australia’s largest schools recycling program, MobileMuster’s 2012 Schools Recycling Challenge, has kicked off again for the fifth year running.

Offered by the telecommunications industry, MobileMuster is school-curriculum program designed to educate and engage students in learning about product stewardship and the importance of keeping old mobiles and their accessories out of landfill.

This year’s redesigned challenge has ten new learning modules plus two new online interactive classroom activities. Learning modules include how mobile phones are made, resources inside phones and resource recovery, end products made from mobiles, and product stewardship.

‘With environmental stewardship a part of the SOSE curriculum, this is a great opportunity to engage students in activities that will conserve our natural resources and protect our environment in a fun and interactive way,’ says Rose Read of MobileMuster.

The MobileMuster program collects and recycles mobile phones and their accessories from a network of over 4500 mobile phone retailers, local councils, government agencies and business drop off points across Australia.
Credit: MobileMuster

Since its inception, more than 1500 schools and over one million students have been involved in MobileMuster’s Schools Recycling Challenge.

‘Looking back at the history of the Challenge, over 6000 handsets and 8000 batteries have been recycled. The environmental benefit of this is significant – more than 45 kg of heavy metals, such as lead and cadmium have been diverted from landfill, and more than 9350 kg of plastics and metals have been recovered for reuse, enough aluminium to make over 9170 cans and plastics to make nearly 930 fence posts.’

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Submitted by:
Frank Ondrus
HOPE (Householder’s Options to Protect the Environment)

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