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Join The ‘Plasma Movement’ In 2018

You may have heard that there’s a new approach to donating blood.  All donors – new and current – are encouraged to donate PLASMA.

PLASMA is the liquid component that forms the majority of your blood.  It’s what your red blood cells float in, and it’s loaded with thousands of proteins and nutrients that are vital to the way our bodies function.  When donated, PLASMA can be used to create 18 different life-saving medical treatments, helping people suffering from cancer and leukaemia, brain and nerve disease, immune deficiencies and many more health conditions.


Currently Australia’s demand for PLASMA is at an all-time high, which is why the Australian Red Cross Blood Service is calling upon local business, sporting and community groups to join Red25.  Red25’s ambitious goal is to unite organisations across Australia to donate 25 per cent of the 1 million-plus donations needed every year.  Quite simply, by working together, we can save more lives!

TOOWOOMBA BLOOD DONOR CENTRE   Needs another 15 plasma donors this week

661 Ruthven Street (Enter via Bernoth Centre, parking at rear)

IPSWICH BLOOD DONOR CENTRE   Needs another 10 plasma donors this week

L1 Riverlink Medical Centre, 7 Lowry Street (parking underneath)

Submitted by:
Sandee Thompson
Community Relations Officer – Toowoomba / Ipswich

Australian Red Cross Blood Service
661 Ruthven Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350
P:  07 4688 4511








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