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Apollo 11 montage

To The Moon And Beyond …

Toowoomba to Host Exclusive Apollo 11 Screening

Never before seen footage and recordings of the Apollo missions will be shown in an exclusive, free screening of Apollo 11 in Toowoomba this April. Executive Producer, Stephen Slater, will make a special visit to Queensland’s Garden City to introduce the film.

This critically acclaimed 2019 documentary will transport you back to the monumental moment in 1969 when NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, made history by setting foot on the Moon, assisted by command module pilot Michael Collins. You will be immersed in the perspectives of the astronauts, the Mission Control team, and the millions of spectators who witnessed firsthand the moments where humanity took one giant leap for mankind.  

Australia was a huge participant in the original broadcast, with NASA’s tracking station at Honeysuckle Creek near Canberra capturing the first footstep on the Moon, followed by CSIRO’s Parkes radio telescope in NSW.  

The event, hosted by the iLAuNCH Trailblazer led by the University of Southern Queensland alongside Australian National University and the University of South Australia, will provide an opportunity to learn about space, meet like-minded people and witness the moments that changed history forever.  

“We are thrilled to be hosting an event commemorating this historic moment in space history,” said iLAuNCH Trailblazer Director of Space Education Programs, Dr Matt Richardson.  “At iLAuNCH, we are dedicated to building the workforce of the future. Offering events that ignite a passion for careers in space ensures a future that promises even more extraordinary historic milestones.” 

Alongside the exclusive screening at the Strand Theatre on Thursday, 18th April (6-8pm) iLAuNCH Director of Space Education Programs, Dr. Matt Richardson, Executive Director, Darin Lovett, and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Joni Sytsma, will take part in a panel discussion around the growth of Australia’s space industry to inspire, encourage and educate attendees on space research and education opportunities. 

Executive Producer, Stephen Slater, from the United States will be in Toowoomba to answer any of your burning questions and provide his unique insights into space exploration.  Prepare to be captivated as he unveils firsthand accounts of the film’s creation and delves into his role in preserving those pivotal moments that shaped history. 

Tickets are free to for patrons of all ages, offering space enthusiasts the opportunity to secure their seat for a remarkable experience.  “Kids especially love it. I never saw it as a kids’ film, but there you go,” said Executive Producer, Stephen Slater.  

Whether you’re a space enthusiast or simply fascinated by world history, this event cannot be missed. Secure your free tickets today by visiting 

About iLAuNCH  

The Australian Government Trailblazer Universities Program provides dedicated investment to accelerate Australia’s innovation agenda at speed and at scale.  

The Innovative Launch, Automation, Novel Materials, Communications and Hypersonics (iLAuNCH) Trailblazer is a $180 million program building Australia’s enduring space capability through the commercialisation of projects, a fast-track accelerator, and skills development to build the workforce of the future. Together, we are accelerating space innovation. 

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