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Harlaxton Passive House Part Of National Sustainable House Day

A Passive House in east Harlaxton will be featured as part of Sustainable House Day on Sunday 21st April 2024, alongside over 100 of Australia’s most inspiring sustainable homes.

Passive Houses are highly energy efficient homes that are comfortable, environmentally friendly, and affordable to live in. Passive Houses make best use of the “passive” influences in a building – like sunshine, shading, and ventilation – rather than active heating and cooling systems such as air conditioning and home heating. Coupled with very high levels of insulation and airtightness, this makes it possible for a passive home to use 90 per cent less energy than a typical house, saving on bills.

Established in 2001, Sustainable House Day is a national community-driven event hosted by Renew, that allows the public to see and learn from Australia’s greenest homes. It aims to inspire people to live sustainably, showing them how to lower energy bills, live comfortably, and help the environment through good home design, practices, and technology.

Sustainable House Day provides practical information on sustainable homes: what works, what doesn’t and how to best navigate the journey of building or renovating your home. Michael Krause, the owner of the Harlaxton Passive House will join more than 120 homeowners nationwide in opening their home to the community to provide tips and advice on building and living sustainably, including all-electric, off-grid living, innovative building materials, tiny homes, and tech such as batteries, solar and more.

Each home is showcased on the Sustainable House Day website and features a virtual tour and the ability to connect with homeowners to ask questions about their homes.

Following the main event on the 21st of April, a number of homeowners will join industry experts to participate in a series of online panel discussions – the Extension Sessions – taking place from 30th April to 23rd May. These sessions will cover a range of sustainable house topics including orientation, insulation, and air flow; solar, home batteries and EVs; prefab and modular house design; and building small and clever and allow a valuable opportunity for anyone embarking on their own sustainability journey to seeking guidance from those have completed their own projects.

Further information and booking links for these sessions can be found on the Sustainable House Day website: www.sustainablehouseday.com – The house profile and sustainable credentials of the Harlaxton Passive House can be found here: https://bit.ly/HarlaxtonPassiveHouse
Anyone can watch a video tour of the house and ask questions of the homeowner on this page.

Sustainable House Day is organised by Renew, a national, not-for-profit organisation that inspires, enables and advocates for people to live sustainably in their homes and communities. The tour of this Passive House is supported by the Toowoomba branch of Renew.

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