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In 2019 Engineers Australia celebrates its Centenary….

This is a significant milestone for the organisation, and a chance to stress the critical role engineering plays in the lives of all Australians. A centenary is time to take stock. To look back and marvel at our accomplishments. Engineers have helped transform the world: who in 1919 would have imagined where technology would be today?
In Toowoomba, the ingenuity of the Engineers from the Toowoomba Foundry will be celebrated at the Southern Cross Museum in Highfields where over 100 engines and artefacts have been preserved.

Engineers Australia are proud to present a new display of Diesel Southern Cross Engines. Chief Design Engineer Alan Bray Lindley and his team designed the Mark BG-C diesel Southern Cross engine in 1941. It was rated to 40 HP at 1200 RPM.
It was a ‘family’ design based on the one cylinder engine Mark BD-C, twin cylinder mark BE-C and three cylinder Mark BF-C.
A six cylinder Mark BJ-C was planned but never made. Toowoomba Foundry ceased engine production in 1970 due to high volume overseas competition.

Everyone is welcome to view the new display at the Southern Cross Museum in the Highfields Pioneer Village Complex.

Entry is $12 Adults and $6 Children- Under 5yrs are FREE entry. There will be refreshments and Billy Tea and Damper for sale.

Program for the day:
ETA: 9:30am
Unveiling of the Engine Display 9:30am
Tour of the Southern Cross Museum 10:00am
Morning Tea- Billy Tea and Damper 10:30am
Tour of the Transport Museum with Pete 11:00am
Tour of the Historic Fire Engine Museum 11:30am
Depart 12:00noon or wander the Village grounds
until closing time at 4pm.
Join us, in this, our centenary year!

Submitted by:
Jody Dodds 
Highfields Pioneer Village, Museum and Park Inc.
Ph 4696 6309

Non-profit organisation run entirely by Volunteers. 
Open 10am to 4pm Daily

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