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USQ Festival Of Astronomy & Space NASA Visit

NASA’s Dr Douglas Hudgins will present at USQ’s Festival of Astronomy & Space Day 7 on Monday 9 October, with a presentation entitled ‘Are We Alone? NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration Program and the Search for Earth 2.0’.The public talk will run from 5.30pm – 7pm.

Dr Hudgins is the Program Scientist for NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration Program and TESS mission and Deputy Program Scientist for the Kepler mission. He will give an overview of NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration Program, including key results from the Kepler and K2 space missions, and the science expected from the NASA Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite to be launched in 2018.

USQ’s annual Festival of Astronomy & Space celebrates astronomy and the space sciences, from our traditional knowledge about the night sky to the edge of the Universe. The Festival is also part of World Space Week and its theme of ‘Exploring New Worlds in Space’, with USQ’s particular research focus being to discover and characterise new planetary systems around stars other than the Sun.

Submitted by:
Laura Hunt,
Research Communications Coordinator

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