Wildlife Rangers School Holiday Fun

Kids can step into the shoes of a Wildlife Ranger these school holidays at Cobb+Co Museum. Running each weekday until Thursday 18th April, a variety of animals will visit the Museum for the Wildlife Rangers school holiday program.

With live animal shows daily, children have the opportunity to meet furry new friends and learn all about the day to day lives of some of Australia’s favourite animals, including:

• Green Tree Frog or Magnificent Tree Frog
• Leaf Tailed Gecko or Burton’s Legless Lizard.
• Bearded Dragon, Frill Necked Dragon or Water Dragon.
• Crocodile
• Freshwater Turtle
• Green Tree Snake or Python
• Tawny Frogmouth, Barn Owl or Kookaburra
• Bandicoot or Wombat
• Ringtail Possum or Brush Tailed Possum
• And more.






 Live animal show held by Geckoes Wildlife educating kids on some of Australia’s favourite native animals.
ï‚· Kids interacting with the animals and enjoying activities that are part of the Wildlife Rangers school holiday program.

The program is designed for children aged 3 to 12 years and costs $10 per child, which includes access to one of two live shows. The 10.30am show is best for ages 3-7 and the 12noon show is best for ages 8-12. However, please note all ages are welcome to attend either show.

Submitted by:
Veronica Dawson
Marketing Coordinator
Cobb+Co Museum
27 Lindsay Street | Toowoomba | Queensland 4350 | Australia


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