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Australia In Space Exhibition

Discover out-of-this-world science and technology at Cobb+Co Museum’s new exhibition Australia in Space now on display. This exciting, hands-on experience reveals the ways that Australian innovations are used in space, and the surprising benefits space technologies bring to everyday life here on Earth.

Earth & Beyond

Discover how Australia’s location and expertise give us a unique advantage in space. Be inspired by stories of how Australian innovators are using space technologies to improve life on Earth, and how Earth observations from space are transforming the ways we live and work.

Mars: The Big Picture
– A Photographic Exhibition  –
A visitor from Earth would find features on Mars that remind them of home. As rocky planets, Mars and Earth share similarities – mountains, canyons, ice caps and seasons. But in the stark Martian landscape, these landmarks are as strange as they are familiar. Don’t miss this incredible pop-up display of 26 framed images of Mars.

Things to see and do:
Use a virtual telescope to ‘link up’ with iconic deep space missions;
Discover how satellites allow over-the-horizon communications in a laser-based puzzle game;
Tackle space junk with a friend in a cooperative computer-based game;
Control a simulated Mars rover and much more …

Experience the entire Australia in Space exhibition across two venues. When you purchase general admission at Cobb+Co Museum 27 Lindsay St Toowoomba,  you also receive free entry to The Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich. Conditions apply.

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