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Final Toowoomba Model Rocket Launch For 2011 On 19th November

There’s no need to remind you how close Christmas is, but before the very thought of it ‘consumes’ you, how about you treat yourself to a few hours of R & R at the last Model Rocket Launch of the year for the local and quite unique Space Pilots’ Club this Saturday 19th November at the T.A.R.M.A.C. field on the New England Highway, just a 10-minute drive south of Toowoomba.

The Toowoomba Amateur Radio-controlled Model Aircraft Club (T.A.R.M.A.C for short) and the Space Club invite you to come and see their lovingly-made aerodynamically-designed model rocket craft (some of them as tall as the makers themselves) soar skyward through a billowing cloud of smoke after an exciting ‘count-down’ by those watching.

Zac & Araon, Young Rocketeers in the Making
Not only the boys of the Club, but often their parents, sisters, and even their grandparents get in on the act to make their own rockets to launch. Even previous members like David Groves and Scott Patterson keep coming back to launch their rockets. This says a lot for the challenge of making craft that not only look good but fly well, in the process setting a positive example for younger rocketeers.

Where is the TARMAC field?….drive south of Toowoomba (past Nelson Street) and through Hodgsonvale, and when you reach “The Mill – The Outlook” on your left, slow down and look for the TARMAC Model Airfield on your right. Drive in and park in the parking area near the shelter shed and make your way, with folding chair, to the shaded area. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ‘show’.

There are toilet facilities on site. There are also refreshments available.

Best of all …entry is FREE.

It all starts shortly after 1:30 pm and is usually over by 3:30pm. Come along, give yourself a deserved break and spend an enjoyable afternoon at the Space Pilots Club’s last model rocket launch for 2011.

Submitted by:
Barry Whisson
Launch Controller


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